If you’ve been near the cross-section of 57th Street and Park Avenue recently, you will have probably noticed the huge Turnbull & Asser artwork on the side of their townhouse. The mural, designed by David Calderley (Graphic Therapy) for Turnbull & Asser NYC is a nod to the forgotten beautiful pieces of art and typography that still exist around the city. Read the Q & A  and learn more about the conception and collaboration with Turnbull & Asser, Calderley & Colossal Media in designing the mural here!


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Graphic Therapy is back at it collaborating with the band Interpol, providing Design and Art Direction on the cover of their latest album “El Pintor” (the painter). GT’s David Calderley credits the inspiration for this work with “these Deco 1930s studies of Hands that I bought years ago, they have such a beautiful and strange look about them.” He was working on a merchandise collection at the time for Interpol and sent the samples over to Paul and the band as an FYI. They all loved them and suggested it be developed into a possible album cover. Once the band decided on a title, El Pintor (the painter) became a springboard for David to work with the basic shapes of design: Circle, Square and Triangle, incorporating the use of the band’s signature red and black, adding some additional blue tones. Developed with a new typography “like a word game as El Pintor (Anagram for Interpol)”, this cover was dutifully completed.

Their new album drops today! They’ve also just embarked on their first global tour in 3 years.

GT_Interpol_ElPintor1 GT_Interpol_ElPintor2



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Another Giant Artists’ interview from our summer intern, Sarah Wasko:

An early interest in comics has led Giant’s David Calderley to his career in illustration and design. In the second installment of my quickie interviews, we learn a little about David’s inspirations, aspirations, and unfortunate hair-spirations.

Why are you drawn to illustration and design?

I used to love illustration and design work as a kid, firstly with British comics then got hooked on line illustration and typography to complete the picture. Then moving on to make my own cassette tape artworks and fake movie posters!?… Six years in art schools made it personal.

What is your favorite/most memorable illustration of yours and/or of somebody else’s?

Alan Aldridge: Chelsea Girls. Love the collage, mixed media and the overall idea together with killer type.

What did you think you were going to be when you “grew up”?

Astronaut… who liked to draw.

One piece of advice you would give to somebody getting into the biz?

Try to be always tolerant, the true test of your mettle.

Worst haircut you’ve ever had?

A very unfortunate ‘Hitler’esque doo.

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