We are incredibly proud to announce that Emily Shur’s first monograph Super Extra Natural! (designed by our own Michael Schmelling) is now available for purchase online via Kehrer Verlag. The book had its debut at Paris Photo.

Super Extra Natural! is a collection of images taken in Japan between 2004 and 2016. What began as a one-time getaway possessing no agenda beyond experiencing something new expanded into a long-term body of work that has resulted in over 15 trips to various parts of the country. However, these images are not a documentation of a place. They are explorations of an unspoken connection; a state of mind that has become its own version of a vacation. Initially, Emily was not exactly sure what kept drawing her back to Japan, but she found a personal feeling of freedom and peace there. She says, “Everything made sense. Lines, shapes, light, and color fit together like a math equation that added up to what still feels like a supernatural high.”

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