We’re very excited to announce the latest addition to the Giant Artists’ family- Jake Stangel! Jake is a storyteller, adventurer, and sun worshiper living in a small cottage in San Francisco approximately 65% of the year. When not taking photographs, he can be found riding bicycles, making quiche, or listening to Drake by himself. Legend has it that Jake shoots through a jar of honey on many of his shoots for extra tonal warmth. Please join us in welcoming Jake!!



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Graphic Therapy is back at it collaborating with the band Interpol, providing Design and Art Direction on the cover of their latest album “El Pintor” (the painter). GT’s David Calderley credits the inspiration for this work with “these Deco 1930s studies of Hands that I bought years ago, they have such a beautiful and strange look about them.” He was working on a merchandise collection at the time for Interpol and sent the samples over to Paul and the band as an FYI. They all loved them and suggested it be developed into a possible album cover. Once the band decided on a title, El Pintor (the painter) became a springboard for David to work with the basic shapes of design: Circle, Square and Triangle, incorporating the use of the band’s signature red and black, adding some additional blue tones. Developed with a new typography “like a word game as El Pintor (Anagram for Interpol)”, this cover was dutifully completed.

Their new album drops today! They’ve also just embarked on their first global tour in 3 years.

GT_Interpol_ElPintor1 GT_Interpol_ElPintor2



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What do you get when you combine Todd Cole, Rodarte, and C-3PO? This most awesome shoot. Since much of the inspiration behind their Fall 2014 Collection came from Star Wars, Rodarte’s Laura and Kate Mulleavy decided to team up with pal Todd Cole to photograph their dresses alongside Yoda, C-3PO and R2-D2, using the actual Skywalker Ranch as the setting. What resulted is a stunning throwback, honoring the reference for these dresses at the very source.

Cole-Rodarte-StarWars_02 Cole-Rodarte-StarWars_03 Cole-Rodarte-StarWars_04 Cole-Rodarte-StarWars_06 Cole-Rodarte-StarWars_07

Read the full article in PAPERMAG here.


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Justin Fantl just shot some tall, outta-this-world sculptures for Architect Magazine’s R+D Awards. It’s hard to tell from the scale of this post but each of the objects below is about 12 feet high and 12 feet long respectively. Shot in Santa Barbara and Vancouver, these works are on display at each of the firm’s offices – Patkau Architects and Do Su Studio Architecture. Thanks to Justin for providing us with a glimpse into the future of architecture!


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The latest still campaign for French car company Renault just came out, and was shot by RJ Shaughnessy. Three Renaults were specially sent to Los Angeles just for this shoot, which entailed putting them in all sorts of interesting locations: the basketball courts at Venice Beach, a house in Malibu and the Warner Brothers Ranch. RJ brought that special party mix to the project which makes these photos really pop!


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The Huffington Post just ran an article by Priscilla Frank on the prolific work of Giant Artist Dallas Clayton! It’s a great read, and sets Dallas’ works apart from standard childhood stuff by highlighting the youthful reductions of adult lessons that they instill in their viewers. Frank notes that “our favorite thing about Clayton’s images is, despite their youthful audience, their ability to remain fresh and unorthodox, never dipping into any Hallmark territory sugary sweetness.” Dallas adds: “I make things for children and if you’re the kind of person who thinks of that as saccharine you’re probably a shitty person. It’s the constant battle between poetry and bumper sticker.”

Dallas has many books out and is currently working on various projects in between touring across the country to spread his cheerful wisdom to kids of all ages. Follow him on Instagram and be treated to a delightful Daily Dose of Dallas!

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In continuation of our Summer Intern’s Interview Series, we pick up today with Giant Artist Glynis Carpenter. It wasn’t an immediate dive into the profession for Glynis. She first considered being a vet, then a lawyer, and then finally decided to pursue a career in photography, something close to her roots. And although Glynis Carpenter‘s career aspirations have changed, her long locks have stayed with her all the while. In this interview Glynis helps us realize how we must all stick to our roots.

Why are you drawn to photography?

I always was an artist. I painted and drew my whole life, so photography seemed like a natural career path after I graduated college and realized I wanted to do something artistic. My grandmother was a NY model, so I always liked fashion and always was a bit in the modeling industry because of her.


Favorite/most memorable photo you’ve taken? Favorite photo of somebody else’s?

It’s challenging to pick out one photo, but for shoots, I had a lot of fun on my glitter bomb shoot. I had been toying around with that idea for a while before Vice signed on to do it. I love a lot of other people’s photos! I put a lot of them on my Pinterest!


What did you think you were going to be when you “grew up”?

I always said “veterinarian,” when asked as a child. It never wavered. I was an English major in college, and I was enrolled in LSAT prep classes when I stopped and decided to move to NY to pursue photography.


One piece of advice you would give to somebody getting into the biz?

Develop a style and stick with it for at least a couple of years. People have to know what they are hiring when the want to hire you. Take photos often, and work hard on making cool personal work. The commercial work should follow suit we hope!


Worst haircut you’ve ever had?

I’ve never had a bad haircut. I’ve had long, blunt cut hair that I wear in a ponytail or bun most of my life. It is pretty funny though because it makes me look eerily similar to my childhood and teenage photos.

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of:

We’ve enlarged the size of all images and condensed the menu options to draw focus on the most important element: our artists’ work. We’ve also added an entirely new function: Categories. We’ve done this to make searching for particular images easier, and also to reveal the versatility of all our artists.

Take some time to check out our new virtual digs. We think you’re going to like it.



Giant Artists



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