Rudy Willingham

Rudy Willingham is a content creator and director whose work spans all verticals—art, fashion, beauty, sports, food, and more—and adapts effortlessly across platforms, from social channels to TV ads, print ads, billboards. Stylistically, Rudy’s work pushes boundaries, but truthfully, all of it has the same two qualities: surprise and delight. How does he do it? As a former advertising copywriter, Rudy is steeped in strategy and research from a decade in the industry. As an experienced content creator who has amassed 4.5 million followers on TikTok and 447,000 on Instagram, he has an empirical understanding of how algorithms work and what makes people engage. This makes Rudy that rare combination of exciting creator and savvy collaborator. He just gets it. Come to Rudy with a small, quick one-off or commission him to execute a large-scale, ongoing production. Come to him with a brief or with just a scrap of an idea. Come to him if you want to connect with your audience, because that’s really the only rule that matters.