It’s been said that we all contain multitudes, but when it comes to Kenesha Sneed, the bounty of talent, creativity, versatility, and purpose is especially abundant. Kenesha is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist (illustration, motion graphics, design) and art director whose work speaks to empowerment, the black female experience, inclusion, and diversity—all while delighting the eye with its beauty, immediacy, and humanity. 

To get a better sense of the impact of this LA-based creator—who makes art, ceramics, and textiles under the name Tactile Matter—consider the stature and variety of her clients and projects. Under Armour commissioned her to paint an original illustration highlighting the importance of community for its “Unifier” campaign, and Facebook tapped her to create illustrations for Women’s History Month. For Instagram, she produced a design inspired by the #KindComments campaign to spread kindness on and off the popular social-media platform. She provides visual creative direction for the podcast Call Your Girlfriend. And in 2020 she’ll debut a limited-edition mirror commissioned by a New York-based body-care company and an apparel collection for an Italian fashion brand. In 2021, art-book publisher Prestel Publishing will release her first book, a children’s picture book featuring her colorful illustrations. 

Kenesha is also one of those artists who people are personally drawn to, for her spirit, for what she stands for, and because she’s an amazing collaborator who knows how to work with teams of all kinds. Media outlets ranging from Glamour to i-D have championed her and her work, Jaguar featured her in a commercial, and if you saw the 2019 movie Little, you’ll recognize the Kenesha Sneed artwork in a scene starring Issa Rae and Marsai Martin. (Check her out at @tactilematter, where she has more than 45,000 followers, for stills of those key moments in the film). Her work resonates so powerfully because she’s propelled by something unique. “I try to continuously go to the beat of my own creativity,” she says, “and let that drive me.”

Clients include: Saint Heron, Under Armour, Microsoft, Apple, Warby Parker, Instagram, Facebook, Universal Pictures, Netflix, WeWork, Refinery29, Good Company, Worth, Afar, Marella, Flamingo, AirBnB, Salesforce, Verizon, IBM, and The New York Times.

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