Introducing GIGANTIC Magazine!

Giant Artists launches GIGANTIC, an online art magazine showcasing original, unpublished, exciting new work 

We're proud to bring you the debut issue of GIGANTIC, our online digital art magazine. GIGANTIC tells the communal story of the creative mavericks, kindred spirits, and extended family of makers who shape our agency. It's a home for visual storytellers, specially curated for you, our fellow art enthusiasts.

Issue 1 centers on the theme of Stay, and as you will see, there are many fascinating ways to explore that concept visually.

When you visit, you'll discover what Jonpaul Douglass means when he says "the future feels weird," and you'll see why Jessica Antola's bodega runs are not like yours or mine. You can go on a cinematic neighborhood walk with Art Streiber and learn how Dustin Aksland collaborated with friends around the globe for his beautiful FaceTime portraits. There's even an amazing playlist that is the perfect soundtrack for these times.