“I was hit up by an art collective, Art Republic. They asked me to be a part of a digital art show they were doing for Art Basel Miami this year in collaboration with the NFT platform Superrare. I was interested in learning more about how the process works, and they were giving an opportunity to be onboarded to the platform quickly. Normally, the process can take a while since they vet everyone. 

They presented the theme for the show as being light. I believe I was the only photographer featured in the collection. I picked this specific image, which features a dancer friend mine and was created in 2020, because it was personal and felt appropriate given the theme and what I was going for when I did the shoot—the freedom of movement and light-heartedness, which was something I needed personally at the time. This shoot was a break from all the darkness of pandemic news, race relations, etc.

Now that I’m on the platform and had this experience I’ll likely figure out how to mint other personal images on the platform when it feels right.”

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