Lucas was commissioned by Nike to photograph two of their new campaigns, "Gear Up" and "Play." With a tight schedule of just 25 days, he traveled from New York to Los Angeles to Mallorca, back to Los Angeles, and then to Portugal to capture the images.

“Shooting with the Nike team is pretty much like shooting with my family,” says Lucas, who has photographed many projects for the sports brand. “But ‘Gear Up’ is by far the biggest project I've done with them. The campaign focused on sports with a back-to-school theme. 

It was split into three projects, all shot around Los Angeles over six days. We shot football, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, golf, baseball, and softball.

It was an amazing experience. The creative team at Nike was very sharp with their concept, and yet they would give me so much freedom to add other ideas. Also, splitting the project in three parts gave me time to digest what we had done, make selects, and think of new ideas for the next part.”

Gear Up


"Play was also an amazing experience," says Lucas, who shot the images in Mallorca and Algarve, "working with an extra spicy creative concept."

He adds, "It was also quite funny—one of the families we shot in Mallorca were actual friends of mine, and I didn't know they were part of the cast until a couple of days before at the hotel!”