Airtable, a cloud collaboration service based in San Francisco, commissioned Dustin to photograph their first national campaign. The project entailed his capturing six unique sets showing a variety of work environments to reflect Airtable's tagline, “This is How." 

“Our goal for the project was to create images that illustrated connection and collaboration at scale,” explains Dustin. "What made this project unique was, we were focusing on both how team members worked together as well as how they used the tools (Airtable’s Platform) to collaborate with other teams remotely.”

The scale of the production, he adds, was massive and technically challenging.

“We shot in six unique locations, with 10 talent per set, and most importantly the hero device (laptop or desktop computer) was front and center showcasing Airtable’s UI,” says Dustin. “Telling a complete story in a static image can be complicated, but with our great locations, propping, styling, talent, elevated lighting, and dynamic, wide compositions, we were able to bring authenticity and life to these images.

“This project was all about problem solving and efficiency,” he continues. “Working closely and collaboratively with the agency, production team, and client, we were able to pull off two unique shots per day. I’m so proud of the work our team accomplished, and it’s been wonderful to see the billboards shine high around Los Angeles and in the heart of New York City.”