“The Theophilio team and I traveled to Negril, Jamaica, to tell the story of the roots of the brand, which was launched in Kingston, Jamaica, by designer Edvin Thompson. He trusted in our vision to create a documentary about venturing back to home soil. This is the brand’s first-ever travel story, shot by Philip-Daniel Ducasse with Yannick Reid as co-director, and was timed to coincide with the debut of Theophilio's SS23 collection for Amazon Luxury stores.

I was interested in capturing the raw, natural, and untapped essence of Jamaica. I liked the feeling of every moment being a discovery. The locations often sat right off the road and were an amazing juxtaposition to the garments, bringing to life this visual connection between the SS23 capsule collection and Edvin’s homeland. The local people, the colors, and the landscapes were so rich and vibrant; we were truly at home.

As the brand’s visual director, I’m responsible for bringing our internal editorials and campaign ideas to life. I select the creative teams necessary to support the direction of the project and ensure that it reflects the ethos of the brand.

My collaboration with Theophilio began with me shooting collections after fashion shows. I’d forge my own spin on the collection using my photography, always keeping Edvin’s vision alive. This initial creative environment was a safe haven for me, and I loaned my eye to the brand without hesitation. It was truly fun to support my friend on his journey as a designer. This became a partnership and family that I’m proud to be a part of."


Christian also shot production stills of photographer Philip-Daniel Ducasse as he captured the new collection…