“I was commissioned by Rothy’s to make a video about their process and approach to color as it applies to the ethos of the company.

Very fun very cool alert: Rothy’s is a unique pioneer in garment sustainability. It 100% owns the factory where its products are made. This means Rothy's can program their machines to 3D precision-cut the materials for their bags and shoes with zero waste, avoiding the ~30% material waste in traditional subcontracted cut-and-sew factories. As of August 2022, Rothy's has transformed 146,641,550 single-use plastic bottles into their signature thread.

For color, Rothy's can do anything. They own the factory, they own the process, they own the materials. So they can maximize color exploration. And they're known for it. They can make whatever they dream up. Which is amazing. We love her!

Anyway, we made a video. I DP'ed it on a Red Raptor, which reminds me of the new Toyota Tundra, and I guess technically I directed it. But I feel like I co-directed it alongside Rothy’s amazing in-house talents.”

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