Jon served as DP for this Elle cover story video, directed by his frequent collaborator Felix Cooper and featuring Wednesday star Jenna Ortega.

"It’s always great working with Felix because he’s so intentional in everything he does, and he's just as passionate directing the motion as he is the stills," says Jon. "We set up a very simple single light and let the fabulous styling and hair & makeup shine. We knew we were going to push the video into a stitched frame effect, so we directed Jenna to be still and thoughtful."

This is the second time Jon has worked with Ortega. "Working with Jenna again was fun, since the last time I saw her was on a Neutrogena commercial several years back. It’s always cool to see artists like her growing and bringing their unique presence to every shoot."

Jon teamed up with Snakk studio for the edit. "They do such phenomenal work and have an incredible eye for fashion and storytelling,"he says. "Christophe Daigle did the composition and sound design. We tried a ton of variations, starting from a more musical base before ending up with this sound-designed atmosphere."

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