Erin Miller Wray is a Los Angeles–based artist and brand collaborator known for her vivid designs for everything from apparel and surfboards to basketball courts, buses, and buildings. Her style—colorful, geometric, energetic—is embracing and joyful. And everything she makes is designed to be touched, used, and enjoyed firsthand. “I want everybody to feel hope and possibility by creating tangible art,” says Erin, who personally oversees every element of her projects, from concept to production. 

But there’s much more to her work than candy-colored dazzlement. A lifelong athlete and a parent, Erin is on a mission to “get people up and out and together” by merging art and athletics. Among her proudest accomplishments are her public art installations for communities and schools throughout the U.S. “My favorite thing in life is to make people feel seen and encouraged,” she says, “and to know that their life is important.”

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, and armed with a degree in interior design, Erin first pursued a career in entertainment—and that’s how she found her voice as an artist and community builder. Having graduated from Upright Citizens Brigade LA and Second City Hollywood, she co-created an all-female comedy festival aimed at giving women performers a platform. Producing led her to art making, and she began working with clients directly, eventually scaling her business so that her clients now include Lululemon, Rip Curl, TOMS, American Greetings, SunChips, Walmart, and Xbox. She made her television debut in 2022, creating murals for HGTV’s popular series Celebrity IOU

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