This director’s cut features highlights from the three spots that director Andrew Batista and DP Jon Gourlay shot for the campaign “Science Will Win,” which centers on cancer, rare disease, and viruses. Jon and Andrew worked on location at Pfizer’s labs, whose strict five-person max for visitors meant the crew had to be lean and nimble.

“It was me, a gaffer, and a camera assistant,” says Jon, who shot the spots in collaboration with Windy Films.

The team moved quickly from one lab to another, “while never leaving until we got the exact shot we needed,” notes Windy Films. “Luckily, the scientists were cooperative and gave us as many takes as we needed.”

“Science Will Win” garnered over 250,000 YouTube views and millions of Instagram views, says Windy Films, and “contributed to a 66% increase in brand awareness for Pfizer, a huge win for our agency partner Grey. The footage has been repurposed for several campaigns released by both Grey and Pfizer’s in-house team.”