Myles has has shot three different campaigns for Parade, one of the coolest underwear brands around—not just for its style but also for its mission.

Parade is made for everyone: “Everybody deserves to express themselves however they choose—we’re all unique. Bringing as many people to the Parade as we can is core to our mission, and we celebrate our community’s diversity. We’re also always open to feedback from you to expand our size-inclusive, gender-inclusive options,” Parade notes.

“Working with Parade is always a great experience,” says Myles. "They are definitely one of the brands that are truly diversifying fashion and creating garments that really consider their customer. 

“Parade is super collaborative,” he continues, "so on each of our shoots I've been able to have a hand in the entire creative process, from casting to set design to glam. They usually come with an idea, and we work together to expand, and elevate, that idea. Once we're on set the vibe is always chill but fun.” 

Below, highlights from his three Parade commissions, plus a link to view more of each project.

Gender-Expansive Underwear Collection

“Since we're shooting underwear," says Myles, "I always want to make sure talent stays comfortable. Sometimes it's an outfit change or playing their favorite song that gets them back in the mood. My goal is always to have everyone leave the set feeling like their best selves.”

See more of this campaign here.

Ice Cream-Themed Collection Featuring Pop Artist Slayyter

See more of this campaign here.

The Cafe Collection

See more of this campaign here.