Nike partnered with Peloton instructor and athlete Tunde Oyeneyin for this campaign, with the goal of bringing more women and girls sports. “As part of her work with Nike, Tunde Oyeneyin will share her unique story of progress — in fitness and in life — through the Nike Brand platform to make fitness more accessible and inclusive for women around the world,” explains Nike.

"Nike was the first brand to recognize and support me,” says Tunde. “I remember at a really young age feeling like the brand was communicating to me; it was really aspirational but also attainable. I saw athletes and models that looked like me," she explains. "So it's so full circle to be in this space with Nike. I want to be able to look at that 15-year-old girl and say, 'Girl, I see you, I hear you, I am of you, we are of the same.'

“Tunde was one of the most fun talent to work with in the last few years,” says Grace. “She was incredibly professional, talented, warm, and willing to collaborate.”

Grace also shot a variety of fit models to hero the products in the collection. "We shot this campaign in the middle of a bomb cyclone snowstorm that hit New York City in late January 2022 at the Knockdown Center in North Brooklyn," explains Grace."This was a combo motion and stills set shooting various built setups in the warehouse along with outdoor shots utilizing the existing environment."