“This shoot was for an ongoing rebrand—it was our third shoot together,” explains RJ. “We have a really great flow between Uber, me, and our production partner, Versatile Studios, a truly collaborative relationship.” 

For each shoot, RJ and the teams at Uber and Versatile would jump on a Zoom and throw ideas at each other. “Very team spirit,” he says. “One of our goals on this shoot was finding the emotional connection of why earners earn. We came up with this great story of a father’s phone showing why he earns. It was such a simple story and shot in a way that looks like journalism.”

He adds, “We’re constantly looking for on-set magic. For example, on this shoot, we needed to capture an earner picking up food, and while we were doing it, a real earner came to pick up their food. An actual earner on the clock! I took this photo of him, below, with the hostess without even directing them. Uber loved it, we got a model release, and they ended up using it.”