Creative agency SOS tapped Ashley for the launch campaign for OHH! (Oh Hey Hero), a line of vegan body-care products available exclusively at H&M Beauty. The project, for which she shot stills and directed motion, gave her the chance to express her creative vision on multiple levels—and have an amazing time in the process. 

“The inspiration behind the two sets we built was a fusion between early-2000s Nickelodeon and the show Totally Spies,” Ashley explains. “We wanted to create something bold and interesting, so the bedroom, for example, was subtly underwater themed. We sourced this amazing shell headboard for the bed and made a cute lil’ fish tank on the dresser. It's like if Ariel from The Little Mermaid had a teen TV show in 2003.”

For the casting, Ashley worked closely with SOS. “They put all the talent forward, and all of them just serendipitously happened to be people I had followed for so long! Dream talent!”

What’s more, the scripts, she notes, offered opportunities to surprise and delight the audience. “They all have these silly reveals in them. In one film, ‘Noodle Hero,’ we start closeup on Gabriette and we see a big twirled bite of ramen heading right into her mouth. We might assume she's just chilling, feeding herself, but then the camera pulls out and we reveal that Gabriette has not one but TWO broken arms, and her bestie, Deba, is sitting there next to her feeding her.”

Similarly in "Chess Heroes,” script, the camera stars on a closeup of Deba shaving in the bath, “but then we pull out to reveal a very heated chess match happening on the checkered tiles of the bathroom floor,” says Ashley. “Everything from the casting to the set builds was a total blast!”