Levi’s tapped Juan to design custom patches to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Juan chose to honor the relatives who’ve had the greatest impact on his life: his mother and grandmother.

“I spoke with a copyrighter, designer, and tailor at Levi's to get the jeans to tell my story alongside my family's story,” says Juan. “We created patches based on my own photography of my Welita and my mom. The result was emotional. To be here, collaborating with Levi's, and to see my mom and grandma on a pair of jeans! My grandma always says we're living our ancestors' dreams. I'll never forget this moment for sure.”

The moment clearly resonated with Levi’s Instagram followers as well, with one commenting: “Welita!! This is so so so cool.”

The event

Levi's kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with a launch party with custom patch tailors on-hand. Patches are now being sold in all Levi’s Tailor Shops. See snaps from the celebrations below.