In an interview moderated by Meta’s creative strategist, Brittany Johnson, Peter talked career highlights, finding inspiration, and gave businesses advice on how to “attract eyeballs in this attention economy” on their reels.

Peter continues, “I like to picture the human on the other end of the reel. When I’m putting something together, I’m aware people want to scroll. I want to get ahead of that moment where they think ‘okay, now I’m leaving this.’ I like to include a rhythm of something weird to keep them watching. I pay them for their attention, and the currency is something weird.”

Watch the full workshop here or click the preview below to watch Peter's segment.

Included in the workshop were five custom reels Peter created to showcase how advertisers can optimize their ads. In them, he demonstrated how to turn poorly executed reels into brilliant ones in three different spots: ‘shooting vertical video,’ ‘with sound on,’ and ‘safe-zone.’

“We wanted to keep creativity at the heart of the campaign, making it thumb-stopping while still feeling native,” explains Analog Folk’s case study. “So we worked with Peter, who brought his quirky, fun and playful techniques to the campaign—making the work feel authentically Reels.”

Click either video preview below to watch all five spots in one Reel.

Peter also participated in Meta’s Creative Agency Supercharger Event, hosted by Ashley Foster, Meta’s agency lead for creative partnerships.

And most recently touched down in London to participate in a 60-minute fireside chat at Meta’s London offices. Attended by Meta’s Global Clients and Agencies - and moderated by Barry Christie, Meta’s Global Creative Lead - the engagement focused on best practices and creative inspiration for Instagram Reels.