Maker's Mark commissioned Brad to shoot a new campaign centered on stylish young friends hanging out in an equally stylish urban apartment—having drinks expertly mixed for them while enjoying golden hour. Here, he takes us behind the scenes…

“There were a lot of moving parts on this project shot in Mexico City,” explains Brad. “We needed a location with an open kitchen space and a rooftop that would allow late afternoon sun to hit it, with buildings the right distance away, and an unrecognizable skyline. You can imagine that was a near impossible ask, so we ended up styling out a studio into a kitchen.

Our shot list wasn’t light and included video, so scheduling was super important. We had 4 talent, including one certified mixologist (with an added dash of miscommunication as all talent were native Spanish speakers who did their best to put up with my English).

We had over 80 amazing people on set helping this come to life, and I’m happy with how it all came together. It’s entirely possible we even had time for a sip or two of whisky afterwards.”

Brad continues, "We wanted a consistent, natural-feeling light across all images so we lit the kitchen, which we shot first, and planned to utilize the beautiful sunset that we saw on our scout. But once we moved to the roof, the beautiful clear skies we had all day faded to gray, and the sun made an early exit, forcing us to move around some very big lights and recreate the early evening feel."