Giant Artists is growing! We’re looking for two talented individuals (who are team players) to join us


Director of Business Development: You are the person who brings ideas to life.

In this role, you will execute on existing opportunities for growth and contribute your own as the agency continues to expand into content creation and ideation. On a day-to-day basis, this means establishing a development strategy, doing client outreach to actively generate revenue, and leveraging new and archival content—while working closely with the agency's founder, the director of sales, and the director of marketing. Think of it as essentially running a business within a business. This position can be on site in our LA office or remote. Experience in the commercial photo industry is required.


You will…

-Attend weekly team meetings as well as weekly status meeting with company founder, head of sales, and director of marketing.

-Lead new-business discussions in weekly team meeting.

-Establish a quarterly strategy, set weekly goals, and present weekly reports outlining outreach and progress. 

Success looks like increased volume in job inquiries and increased revenue for the company by year-end. 


Experience & Skill Set 

The right candidate for this position will be a keen communicator, a detailed researcher, a creative thinker, and both visual and strategic. We are looking for someone who is a team player but also has a point of view. 



-Hands-on commercial brand strategy work and a methodology for delivering success for clients. 

-Ability to lead and interact with artists and internal staff with confidence, ease, and grace. 

-Works well independently. 

-Communicates ideas and concepts well and can articulate the value of both. 

-Sees projects through from concept to completion. 

-Experiences satisfaction in problem-solving. 

-Multitasks and meets deadlines with skill and calmness. 

-Highly detail-oriented. 

-A mindset focused on contribution. 


Visual Brand Manager: You ensure Giant looks amazing—always and everywhere.

This role encompasses four vital areas: visual-asset stewardship, curation, content creation, and project management. We’re looking for someone who is visually sophisticated, highly organized, driven, and strategic. Experience in the photo or advertising industry is a must. For the right person, there is tremendous opportunity for growth. This position can be part or full time, on site at our LA office or remote.


Stewardship Duties

-prepping images for social and web

-archiving images following our protocols

-coordinating the review of new work once a week for the sales and marketing teams

-publishing work to the website

-onboarding new artists and off-boarding departing artists

-managing image and video assets (in Giant’s licensing archive, our server, Drobo, Dropbox, YouTube, and Vimeo, where applicable)

-managing and updating iPads for the reps


Curation Duties

-constantly assessing each artist’s portfolios on our site to ensure they are both current and aligned with our sales and marketing goals

-creating custom PDFs for the reps tailored to individual client’s needs

-collaborating with our director of marketing on digital presentations

-contributing to strategy discussions related to artists’ portfolios

-daily posts to Instagram 

-creating news posts

-providing support for our eblasts and newsletters

-creating digital presentation for weekly sales meeting

-coordinates case studies and other password-protected website content


Content Creation

-Posting daily to Instagram and other social media platforms

-Creating news posts

-Providing support for our eblasts and newsletters

-Creating digital presentation for weekly sales meeting

-Coordinating case studies and other password-protected website content


Project Management

-Serving as the liaison with our website vendor, problem solving in the event of an outage and obtaining estimates for proposed revisions or additions to the site

-Coordinating the execution and production of print portfolios, directors’ reels, agency reel, and publications

-Overseeing group and individual artist portfolios and promos, including managing budget, timeline, and creative concepts in coordination with agency founder

-Supporting and collaborating with director of marketing on ideas and execution for eblasts, promos, and other marketing initiatives

-Submitting news and images to industry trade partners

-Coordinating awards submissions for artists

-Managing agency exhibitions, publications, and special projects as needed

-Managing our emerging artists database and supports the team in identifying new artists of note

-Supporting agency founder with mentorship and intern programs



Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign 

-Microsoft Office Suite: Powerpoint and Excel 

-Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets

-Dropbox and file-sharing tools 

-iPad image and motion management systems: Wiredrive, Foliobook, and iPhoto 



To apply for either of these positions, please send email [email protected] with your resume, detailed insight into why you’re interested in joining our team, and a few highlights of your relevant experience.