If you’re drawn to images that look like anyone could have shot them, then Jonpaul Douglass is not for you. This color-obsessed photographer, director, and creative director brings a head-turning approach to all of his work, whether he’s shooting for clients like Postmates, Apple, the NBA or Skittles or masterminding one of his viral photo projects, like 2014’s “Pizza in the Wild” (check it out—you’ll never look at a pie the same way again).

Grounding all of Jonpaul’s work is a crisp sophistication. He strips his compositions down to the essential elements and in doing so elevates everything that remains in the frame. “A photo needs to have a special quality that’s almost magical and makes you wonder,” he says. Spoken like a true creative director, which in fact Jonpaul is. Among his notable collaborations: He worked with Postmates to develop a distinct look and feel that set the food-delivery service apart from its competitors, particularly on social.

Jonpaul himself maintains an impressive presence on social media, with more than 97,000 Instagram followers, placing him firmly within influencer range. Viewers come for the color, the wit… And the pizzas, of course.