Postmates, "We Get It"


Postmates wanted food photos for their social media, but not boring ones. “I’m constantly looking for image makers who are doing new things that I haven’t seen before,” Kevin Byrd, creative director at Postmates, told Communication Arts in a recent feature on ATT founder Jonpaul Douglass. “Jonpaul is creative in this sense. There’s an inherent curiosity and desire for experimentation in his work, and the results are surprising. Color is a big part of where he excels. And there’s an artistry to his compositions, in abstraction, and a real understanding of dimensional objects. I love the way he collides items together in unexpected ways. There’s a clever optimism in his work.”


We worked directly with the Postmates team to create a unique image library that could help set the tone for where the brand was headed. We sourced many classic cars and shot a majority of this campaign literally on the streets of LA. The imagery was utilized in a number of ways, including large prints covering the walls of Postmates headquarters to airing in a broadcast spot during the 2019 Oscars.



Creative Direction

Prop Styling + Set Design

Art Direction


Post Production