I’m Yours to Keep

By Todd Cole


With I'm Yours to Keep, Todd Cole intends to reveal, to the ones who take time to see, a story about him. The images function like words, and the words put together create a visual poem. Indeed, I'm Yours to Keep is a metaphor about Cole’s teenage years through his early twenties growing up in Houston, a period and a place in his life where he felt emotionally displaced, and sometimes hurt, while at the same time holding a strong desire to transcend beyond the known. The story—shot in southern California in the counties of San Bernardino, Fontana, the Redlands, and Riverside—is composed into three of the primary driving emotions he felt as growing up and continues to feel today living in LA: displacement, sexuality, and transcendence.

Smythe sewn, limited edition
8.5 x 10 inches
96 pages