New Promise Land, Inc

By Peter Sutherland

√Čtudes Books


“Many of the houses were photographed on Sunday, early in the morning, or at dusk. Otherwise, they’re in full construction mode with contractors and electricians everywhere. I stayed in Super 8’s and other cheap hotels and often woke up at 4:30 in the morning. If I were to make a mixtape for these, it would be NPR playing on a car stereo, mostly news stories about Trump messing around with North Korea and mix in some occasional Spotify, mixing Primus, Janes, the Cure, along with new school rap. There was a very tangible and building fear of nuclear war while I was shooting and I feel there’s a connection between that and the images. […]”

Peter Sutherland


Photography by Peter Sutherland

Interview by Lola Kramer

Edited and designed by Études Studio

Published by Études Books, Paris

First edition, 300 copies

March 2019, printed in EU

©2019, Études Books for this edition and

Peter Sutherland for the images.


48 pages Full Colour Offset

17 cm x 24 cm I 6,7’’ x 9,4’’

Blue cloth cover with embossing on front,

spine and back – image on front

Language: English / French

Publication date: March 2019