ChowNow, in their continued effort to help local restaurants thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, refreshed their photography to focus on the people behind the food we order. As part of this campaign, they asked Dustin to photograph real chefs and restaurant employees in Charlotte, NC, while the restaurants were open and serving.

“This campaign was a very personal one for me, as I watched friends open and close restaurants the last two years,” says Dustin. “The pandemic was hard for all small businesses, but the restaurant industry had it extremely tough. Businesses had to adapt and evolve to new guidelines on the daily, attempt to keep their staff employed, and keep kitchens running and the community fed.”

“The goal of this campaign,” he continues, “was to give a face to all of the employees who put in countless hours in the background to help keep the lights on and food on our plates.”

The Culture

The Staff

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