Mother New York reached out to Dustin to create the inaugural lifestyle image-asset library for Amica Insurance. Amica previously used stock imagery only, so Mother’s objective was to create a unique library of images that highlighted Amica’s ethos of humanity, connection, and empathy.

Dustin collaborated with Mother in the casting process, focusing on hiring real families whose natural rapport he could channel for authentic moments.

“I worked closely with the subjects and created honest scenarios for them to interact comfortably in,” says Dustin, “which built trust and paved the way for the scenes to come to life naturally.

“To set the imagery apart from the stock images Amica previously used,” he continues, “I leaned in to dramatic warm light, which elevated the emotion of the imagery. The lighting scenario made it possible for me to shoot wide interior scenes, portraits, and detailed interior shots. That versatility was imperative since the crew had to move quickly to accomplish a large shot list with multiple crops per image.”

Fast Facts

• shot over three days in New York’s tristate area

• locations ranged from exteriors to homes and automobiles

• talent comprised four families, six individuals, and three dogs

• result was 40+ unique photographs for the launch of Amica’s lifestyle image library