Motion designer, VFX artist, and creative director Peter Quinn is many things: gleefully nonconformist, impishly innovative, ridiculously prolific, Irish, and LA-based. But most of all, he’s a master of benevolent mischief. Sometimes slapstick in nature and always disarmingly clever, his viral content (for Will Smith, Jared Leto, and James Corden, among others), ad campaigns (see: Camila Cabello for OLIPOP), and music videos (Weezer) embrace playfulness and absurdity in equal measure. In one mind-bending clip, Peter has Serena Williams whacking a mini Serena across the tennis court with her mighty racket. Working with little more than his iPhone and computer, he gets people to do crazy things, harms no one, and delights all who watch—including Snoop Dogg, one of his frequent collaborators.

Growing up in Ireland with a dad who taught art (and two brothers who also became motion designers), Peter would be pointed to a sketchbook if he professed boredom. You could say he’s been concepting his entire life. He went on to work at a design-focused creative agency in Belfast where typographical perfection was prized and, later, to become “the video guy” for Dollar Shave Club, where he produced witty ideas in high volume on demand, as if in boot camp for creators. Beneath his creative mayhem is a deep well of experience and strategy, and an endless desire to surprise even the most seen-it-all viewers.


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