Brad Torchia’s work confirms a simple truth: There is power in beauty, and there is beauty in everything. When he composes an image, he is equally inspired by the meditative flow of surfing, the mystical light in Edward Hopper’s paintings, and the rapturous hues of a Matisse, riding the energy of a moment to photographic bliss as if it were a perfect wave. Lifestyle, travel, portrait, automotive—in Brad’s hands, these genres transcend category in favor of emotion, connection, and a cinematic alchemy of color and luminosity. You can see these qualities across his portfolio, whether it’s key art for Apple TV+ and portraits of celebrities like Phoebe Bridgers and Dan Levy to campaigns for brands such as Lululemon, SoHo House, Hilton, Amazon, and Apple.

Brad’s background is in marketing, but his heart is in nature. He’s a lifelong snowboarder who hails from Rochester, New York, spent memorable years in the Rocky Mountains, and now lives with his wife and young daughter in Los Angeles, where he channels the transcendent qualities of the sun and ocean. Surfing and fatherhood have brought him even closer to himself and to his art, infusing his visual storytelling with a startling clarity: Brad pares his stories back to their essence so that everything within the frame feels special, significant, while his daily explorations in painting and collage add dimension to the way he pictures the world around him. Ultimately, he hopes to reveal what’s right there in front of us: the joy of life.


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