Dear clients: The rules may have changed, but the need to tell great stories has not. 

All of us here at Giant Artists are committed to helping you make great work and keep the creativity flowing. With that in mind, I wanted to let you know about a few capabilities that could come in especially handy right now.

We are nimble: Send us the product, and we’ll send you the assets. 

Our artists can do amazing things with little to no production. They love a challenge, and they will rise to it cheerfully. That’s just who they are, and it’s who we are. (Photo: Jonpaul Douglass.)

We have a huge database filled with fresh, bespoke images, ready to be licensed. 

Things move quickly, and sometimes there’s no time to commission a new shoot. We get it. And we’ve got you. Nearly everything you see on our site can be licensed, and there’s more where that came from. Give us a shout. (Photo: RJ Shaughnessy.)  

We have Kenesha Sneed, an amazing illustrator, animator, muralist, and product designer. 

Kenesha is newish to Giant but already beloved by clients like Facebook, The New York Times, Warby Parker, Instagram, The New Yorker… Her work is both beautiful and meaningful, and she will bring a powerful perspective to any project. (Illustration by Kenesha Sneed.)

We have three photographers who have their own studios.  

Jessica Antola, Justin Fantl, and Jonpaul Douglass are all set up to shoot product and still lifes right at home. You know their work well—it’s artful, impeccably composed, and intriguing. (Gif: Justin Fantl.)

We have more than meets the eye: specifically, a side roster of global talent not on our site. 

It’s so important to us to meet any request that comes our way. By working with talented artists who are not on our roster, we’re able to match you with the right person for the job every time. As always, even with photographers who we don’t officially represent, we see every job through to completion and will be with you every step of the way.